Effortless, self-hosted continuous deployment for small teams and projects


Inertia is an effortless, self-hosted continuous deployment platform 🚀

Initialization involves preparing a server to run an application, then activating a daemon which will continuously update the production server with new releases as they become available in the project’s repository.

Once you have set up a remote with ‘inertia remote add [remote]’, use ‘inertia [remote] –help’ to see what you can do with your remote. To list available remotes, use ‘inertia remote ls’.

Global inertia configuration is stored in ‘~/.inertia’.

💻 Repository: 🎫 Issue tracker: 📚 Documentation:


      --config string   specify relative path to Inertia project configuration (default "inertia.toml")
  -h, --help            help for inertia
      --simple          disable colour and emoji output